The Guild

  • Doomguy13

    Ummm… and no one has commented on this… why? I just have to say, I thought this was awesome. Yes, VERY late to comment, but better late then never, ya know?

  • puusy

    i watch the guild on xbox 360.anyway you rock

  • Craig

    funnny watch the guild on xbox all the time!

  • JQ 117

    yesh this is an awesome vid, wonder why it has very few comments anyway, I can’t wait to watch “The Guild” season 3 on my xbox360 and a Zune HD :)

  • steven

    love this show, i stumbled upon it by accident jesterday and i immediatelly fell in love

  • Troublemaker

    I think the most surprising thing about that video is that Vork actually got off the game to decorate his house for Christmas!

  • burntdust

    i watched the guild on netflix then discovered the christmas and halloween special. i love!