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    When it came time to do a recap of Season 3, we thought we’d do something new and different. Everyone at The Guild had become big fans of The Gregory Brothers, creators of Auto-Tune the News, and we got to meet them in person at this year’s Streamy Awards where they won three Streamys and rocked the audience with their live performance and Magical Streamys Remix Video (watch it, it’s awesome)  So, we asked if they would lend their talents to our recap (embedded below).

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    Please share this with friends! And for more info about The Gregory Brothers, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  They also have a debut EP called “Meet the Gregory Brothers” available via their website and iTunes.  And join us in our community forums (or in comments below) to discuss the Season 3 recap.  If you’d like to watch the previous season recaps, you can find them here: Season 1 and Season 2.  And yes, this video is our first official word on the release date for Season 4 – coming July 13th!