The Guild

  • Vork One-Shot Comic & Vote for The Guild

    Today sees the release of the one-shot comic Vork from Dark Horse Comics, the continuation of the comic book series set in the time period before the events of Season One of The Guild.  From Dark Horse: As leader of the Knights of Good, Vork rules with an iron spreadsheet. Having devoted his life to […]

  • The Guild Season 4 on DVD and iTunes

    The Guild is pleased to announce that as of today, Season 4 is out on DVD and iTunes.  The DVD is out now exclusively via (with a retail store release coming February 22, 2011). The DVD is packed with tons of bonus features, including many DVD-only extras.  Bonus features on the DVD include the […]

  • The Guild Comic gets Trade Paperback release, and DVD out 12/21

    Today the initial three part mini-series of The Guild comic is released as a trade paperback (all three issues in a bound collection).  The trade paperback includes some new extras, including a sketchbook section and pinups, as well as a foreward by director of The Guild, Sean Becker.  While many of you reading this may […]

  • ‘The Guild’ Season 4, Episode 12: “Guild Hall”

    The season finale!  Episode 12: “Guild Hall” is up on MSN, Bing video, Zune and Xbox Live. The Guild’s problems come to a head INSIDE the game! Thanks fans for all the continuing support! You can still spread word about the show – use the Parallel Universe link to find episodes from all 4 seasons.

  • ‘The Guild’ Season 4, Episode 11: “Hostile Takeovers”

    Episode 11: “Hostile Takoevers” is up on MSN, Bing, Zune and Xbox Live.  And please check out the great Parallel Universe Hub for all the Guild videos. Vork refuses to put his honor aside; Zaboo does something right for a change. And speaking of Vork, did you see that the new Vork comic from The […]

  • J!NX Super-Colossal Sale

    Our fabulous friends at J!NX, who make The Guild T-Shirts, are having a three day sale starting tomorrow, September 28.  Every shirt in their catalog will be $7 off, including all seven designs from The Guild.  Don’t miss this chance to fill out your collection or nab a gift for a friend. Two new shirts […]

  • ‘The Guild’ Season 4, Episode 10: “Festival of the Sea!”

    Episode 10: “Festival of the Sea!” is up on MSN and Bing video. The Guild joins forces to help Codex with her job. Special thanks once again to Archie McPhee for all the incredible pirate stuff which decorates Cheesybeards.  We’re also pleased to announce that the “8-bit baby” shirt that you see Tink and Clara […]

  • ‘The Guild’ Season 4, Episode 9: “Pirate Paddy”

    Episode 9: “Pirate Paddy” is up on MSN and Bing video. Codex’s creative endeavors do not pay off; she turns to the Guild for support. And, our first bonus video of the season is here, enjoy: Video: Season 4 – Bonus Clip – Taste My Pirate Patty

  • ‘The Guild’ Season 4, Episode 8: “Busted”

    Episode 8: “Busted” is up on MSN and Bing video, Xbox Live, and Zune Marketplace. Vork and Avinashi form a weird partnership; Codex is busted.