The Guild

  • The Guild at Comic-Con 2010

    The Guild will be at Comic-Con!  We’re pleased to announce that we’ll have a booth, a panel, new merchandise and some surprises.  For the second year in a row, we’ll be sharing a booth, so you can find us listed in the exhibitor guide under “Signal Fire Studios/The Guild” and we’re at booth 4201.  We […]

  • Auto-Tune the Guild

    When it came time to do a recap of Season 3, we thought we’d do something new and different. Everyone at The Guild had become big fans of The Gregory Brothers, creators of Auto-Tune the News, and we got to meet them in person at this year’s Streamy Awards where they won three Streamys and […]

  • The Guild Comic #3

    The third and final issue of The Guild comic book is out today.  As with the previous two issues, two versions of the cover art exist, one by series artist Jim Rugg (shown) and on by Juan Ferreyra.  If you’d like to learn more about Jim Rugg, visit his website and check out this interview […]

  • Season 3 DVD now in stores

    The DVD of season 3 of The Guild arrives in retail stores today throughout the US and Canada.  The artwork and content is identical to the previous DVD released in February, except that the retail release is on a single disc.  Look for the DVD in FYE, Suncoast, Borders, Barnes and Noble and other […]

  • Season 3 DVD in-store signing with Felicia! (Torrance – LA Area)

    LA Area fans – meet Felicia Day this Friday, May 21 from 5pm – 7pm at Suncoast Motion Picture Company at Del Amo Fashion Square in Torrance.  Taking a break from a busy season 4 shooting schedule, Felicia will be signing autographs in store to support the retail DVD release of Season 3 on DVD. […]

  • The Guild Comic Book

    The Guild comic book, issue #2 (of 3) was released yesterday.  This issue features cover art by Matthew Stawicki (shown) and Kristin Donaldson.  In #2, we finally get to see all the Guildies.  If you want a preview of the comic, Comic Book Resources again has a sneak peek.  And like the first issue, the […]

  • The Guild Season 4

    We’re pleased to announce that Season 4 of The Guild is official – Microsoft has renewed the show for another season and new episodes of The Guild will be coming to Xbox, Zune and PCs this summer. Felicia is putting the finishing touches on the script for Season 4, which will pick up where Season […]

  • More on Lil’ Guildies

    Most of you caught on yesterday but for those who didn’t, we’d like to be the first to say APRIL FOOLS! Although the show isn’t real, a ton of hard work went into orchestrating this elaborate prank. Extra special thanks goes to Greg Aronowitz and his animation team for doing 3 months of work in […]

  • Announcing: Lil’ Guildies

    We were saving this announcement for tomorrow’s Comic book signing at Golden Apple Comics, but this inadvertently got leaked via our YouTube Channel and then picked up by the web tv news site  Yes, ‘The Guild’ is moving into animation.  This is one of the new projects that has been in development from Knights […]