The Guild

  • Tricky spammers get pwnd

    We’d like to thank everyone that informed us of the unfortunate spammy spam spam through Google Reader. After ensuring that our blog was up-to-date, we went ahead and took care of the malicious code. If you suspect your own blog of being hijacked and you have linux or a terminal (Macs), here’s a handy command […]

  • Birthday Wishes for Felicia

    No rest for the celebrated. Felicia Day, who turns [mumbles] today, is hard at work on Season 3. Remember to check out the Knights of the Guild podcast for some great interviews, updates from the cast and crew, and some great discussions. Some of the loyal Guild fans from our community have hijacked Felicia’s personal […]

  • Contest: Worst Guild Candidate… Ever!

    A new quest… err, contest has opened up. Head on over to the Contests section and read all about this new exciting video contest opportunity. While you are at it, read up on the legaleze Vork had us write up for the contest [it was really lawyers]. The deadline is Saturday, June 27 by Midnight, […]

  • Twitter Contest: Fake DVD Extras Winners

    Here are the results of our first ever twitter contest! Thanks so much to everyone who participated. The results were very fun and also somewhat overwhelming! Once again fans of The Guild have proven their power! Getting #theguild as the top trend was very cool (until spammers tried to join the party). Here are the […]

  • Kim to Teach New Media Workshop in L.A.

    Guild producer Kim Evey (creator of 2 Hot Girls in the Shower & Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show), with husband Greg Benson of Mediocre Films (creator of Retarded Policeman and director of The Guild Season 1, episodes 6-10) will teach their first ever Los Angeles New Media Workshop.  With a combined total of projects that […]

  • Season Three with Microsoft is Official!

    Exciting news! Microsoft has picked us up for Season 3. As Felicia’s tweet mentions… Check out the Hollywood Reporter article for more information. If you’ve been following Season 2, you know that the cliffhanger was major so we will have to wait and see what develops. You can catch up with Season 1 and Season […]

  • The Guild Extra Videos

    To quench your thirst between Seasons 2 and 3, we’ve released two bonus videos for you to enjoy! “Meet the Characters” is a great primer to the show, introducing each character and how they relate to the other Guild members, a nice intro! And the second video, edited by our Behind the Scenes Guru @geekyfanboy, […]

  • Guild DVD Now Available!

    We are happy to announce that The Guild DVDs are now being sold through! The DVD launches May 19th. Click here to pre-order! Our Season 2 DVD has TONS of extras, including a “Play All” option without credits, English subtitles, commentary tracks, script, gag reels and many many extra bonus videos! In addition, you […]

  • April Convention Appearances!

    We’re so excited that it’s getting to be that time of year–Con Season!  We love being able to meet the fans and put faces to the user names we see all the time on our forums and on Twitter.   Here are the first of a slew of convention and personal appearances we’ll be making […]