The Guild

  • Italian Guild, Prego!

    We are very proud here at The Guild to be a truly world-wide show. Our Xbox Live distribution is translated into 8 languages and launched internationally each week, we believe that is a first for any web show. But, as always, we are especially honored by the time that our FANS have put into adding […]

  • Episode 5 “Sack Up” is Posted!

    Guild Episode 5, “Sack Up” is now downloadable on Xbox Live, the Zune Marketplace and streaming on MSN Video! If you like, please share with other ppl who might like it, and “Digg” below the video on MSN, thank you, we appreciate it!! Episode 2 is now posted on today too. Enjoy! The Guild […]

  • Fan Art!

    Zack Finfrock, Guild fan, artist extraordinaire, made this BEAUTIFUL piece of fan art for us to enjoy of The Guild cast. Felicia particularly likes the way Codex looks as you can see on her Twitter Feed avatar. Cool thing is, you will be able to catch Zack in episodes 9-12 as “Slacker” as well! Talented […]

  • Guild Episode 4, and GAG REEL Posted!!

    We’re very pleased to announce that TWO Guild videos were posted today on MSN Video, Xbox Live Video Marketplace(in HD), and the Zune Marketplace! Please catch them now!! Episode 4: Heroic Encounter Also a Gag Reel for Episodes 1-3 was posted: AND don’t forget the Christmas Guild Spirit with “A Very Guild Christmas”! If you […]

  • Happy Holidays: A Guild Christmas Video!

    We’re excited to give you a video gift for the holidays, a “Very Guild Christmas”! You can download the new video AND the Season 1 “Christmas Raid Carol” off of the Xbox Live Marketplace under Independent Videos, or watch it streaming on MSN Video: Or you can download it off the Zune Marketplace (Under […]

  • Guild Crew: Draft’d!

    We here at The Guild are privileged to work with the most talented crew and cast in web video. I wanted to spotlight a few of these hardworking folks who became true Guildies for Season 2 but started as Volunteers…or were drafted! Back in August we posted about some brilliant fan art showing The Guild […]

  • Episode 3: Quest Accepted is now Up!

    We’re so excited to say that The Guild “Episode 3: Quest Accepted” is now posted! You can download to your Xbox from the Xbox Marketplace. Or View it streaming MSN Video. If you enjoy it, it would mean a lot if you pressed the “Digg” button. Thanks! Also the episodes are downloadable on the Zune […]

  • Episode #2: Block’d

    The Guild Management is excited to inform you that Guild Season 2, Episode 2 is now posted! You can download it NOW off of Xbox Live in High Definition OR Standard Definition, or watch it streaming on MSN Video! Just click the link! Some international Xbox Live is still rolling out and should show up […]

  • Jace Hall Show & Felicia

    Felicia was lucky enough to be invited to the Jace Hall show to be interviewed. It’s a really cool show, interviews but with a “Curb-Your-Enthusiasm” feel to it, a lot of improv. Felicia had a great time doing the show, please check it out! From Crackle: Felicia Day and the Prince of Persia launch party