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  • Desert Bus for Hope 2 Fundraiser for PAX’s Child’s Play Charity

    Felicia and Sandeep met the guys from at PAX this year who are once again taking up their controllers and playing the ultra-boring game ‘Desert Bus’ for Penny-Arcade’s Child’s Play charity. Last year they raised $22,805 over five days, and they hope to beat that record this year. The event started on November 28th, […]

  • Press Interview Links

    Thanks to all of you who have responded so favorably to the Season 2 launch. We’ve been working VERY hard on the episodes to make them bigger and badder, and finally getting them out to you is such a treat! Felicia (Codex) did a few interviews last week with the launch of the new Season, […]

  • Episode 1 of Season 2 NOW POSTED!!!!

    Streaming on MSN Video. Click for link! If you have Xbox Live, download in HD Now on Video Marketplace for Free! Also Download off the Zune Marketplace! Please comment on the Forums and Community Page!

  • Links to The Guild on MSN/Xbox Live/Zune!

    We will be sure to alert you when a new episode goes up (Like Season 2 Episode 1 will go up November 25th, 12:01 AM PSD on Xbox Live and Zune, and for MSN Streaming, all for international as well) but here are the collection of links where you can find the show on Microsoft’s […]

  • Felicia on G4 Network’s “X-Play” tonight 8pm Pacific!

    Please check out Felicia on “X-Play” tonight, airing on the G4 Network at 8pm Pacific! Also, here’s a link and embed to a web-exclusive interview on their web site: Links to the MSN Streaming for Season 2 Episodes coming tonight!

  • The Guild Sponsored by Xbox Live and Sprint!

    We at The Guild are very excited to announce that we have found a partner to help us make our show: Season 2, starting Tuesday November 25th, we will be brought to you by Xbox Live and Microsoft and sponsored by Sprint! For those who know and love our indie production, you know it’s been […]

  • WhedonAge Features Vince & Takes Questions for Interview with Felicia

    See what our very own Vincent Caso (Bladezz) has to say on  This exclusive interview is brought to you by Guild torchbearer WorldofHiglet as part of a special series on The Guild Season 2!  Want to take part in her upcoming interview with Guild creator Felicia Day?  Simply take a moment to register at […]

  • Official Guild Tees Now Available!

    We’re very excited to announce that Jinx Tees is now the provider of the official Guild Tee! The quality of the shirt will be much better than the print-on-demand we’ve been providing before, and they will be providing DVD fulfillment to us as well, saving Felicia and Kim from packaging DVDs on the floor of […]

  • Thanks Blizzcon!

    We had a great time at Blizzcon, did some fantastic interviews, thanks so much to every fan who stopped by and said hi! We previewed the first episode of Season 2, a rough cut, and the response was FANTASTIC! After the jump, watch an interview we did with the WOW mega-site They also have […]