The Guild

  • PAX Interviews and Links!

    We did some great interviews at PAX, here is a sampling! First, Joystiq did an audio interview with Felicia where she talks a bit about Season 2, her own gaming habits and other interesting stuff. WOW Stratics, a big supporter of the show early on, did their first video interview with us! We’re honored! PAX […]

  • Guild DVD Fan Commentary!

    Well, this is a new one, and we’re excited about it! Sofadogs has made their own commentary track for the “Play All” track on the DVD! Pretty cool! Thanks SofaDogs!

  • PAX Was GREAT!

    Thank you Everyone who attended PAX and met The Guild crew, it was an unbelievable experience! We had our first Guild screening that we actually attended at PAX, which was quite a thrill. Here’s video of the Q&A we did thanks to Guild Webmaster Edgar Garcia: PART 1 PART 2 We’re so greatful to meet […]

  • Guild in Translation

    We are very lucky because we have an international fan base for our show! We now have 5 languages in the works for Guild translations! Dani from Brazil was the first to translate the whole first season: In Portuguese! Check out watchtheguildbrazil on YouTube to see her work. Already we’ve gotten a lot of Brazilian […]

  • Guild Con FEVER! PAX and DragonCon

    This weekend you can catch a screening of The Guild on BOTH COASTS! First, in Seattle! At the Penny Arcade Expo, catch a 9pm screening of The Guild Season 1 on Friday night in the Raven Theatre! Codex and Zaboo will be in attendance and have a short Q & A afterwards. It will be […]

  • Zaboo’s Web Series: Legend of Neil #5!

    Legend of Neil #5 is now posted! “Have you met Old Man’s brother, Old Man? He’s left-handed, good with potions and he’s really — Balls! S%#! A#$! Grape juice! — great at explaining how maps work.” NSFW Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | More Video Clips

  • Guild IN-COMBAT Fan Art!

    This wonderful fanart comes from mastermatt111! It captures all the characters so well! Thank you so much Matt!

  • Thank You Volunteers!

    We are overwhelmed right now with the number of fantastic volunteers who have contacted us in the last day! We wish we could use each and every one of you! We will be going through the emails and contacting people individually based on our needs, and we will be setting up meetings for some LA […]

  • Final Voting for Powerstrip Baby!

    Thank you so much for enabling “The Guild” Baby Blake to make the final rounds of the Beautiful Baby Contest a few weeks ago! We’re excited to announce that FINAL VOTING IS NOW HAPPENING! Vote for Blake, #3! His face is cute, he sucked on a power strip for his “art”, please vote for him […]