The Guild

  • Codex Fan Art: Beautiful!

    So excited to show everyone this stellar picture of Codex’s character in-game! Felicia wishes her hair was this pretty! Thank you Linz Archer for your mad DeviantArt Skills!

  • Zaboo’s Web Show: Legend of Neil (NSFW)

    Episode 4 of Legend of Neil is now posted! “Neil may have learned how to shoot lasers out of his sword and defeat Octoroks, but will he be able to overcome his dumb face and stupid brain?” NSFW As usual! Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | More Video Clips

  • Guild Volunteers Wanted!

    We are looking for people to help us as we gear up for Season 2 of The Guild. We will be shooting mid-late September in Los Angeles. We do NOT have funding finalized yet, we may be putting back up that Paypal button in the next few weeks, but regardless we need some volunteer/deferred pay […]

  • First Guild Fan Music Video!

    Thanks for all the Fans who stopped by and bought Guild DVDs at Gencon, we are so excited you found the booth and/or the screening! In the next few days we’ll post information about where you can get a Signed DVD at DragonCon, as well as MEET Felicia and Sandeep at PAX in Seattle and […]

  • Guild Screening and DVDs at GenCon!

    Just a reminder about The Guild Season 1 Screening at GenCon tomorrow! Jamie Chambers with Margaret Weis Productions is hosting a screening of the entire first season of The Guild at midnight, Thursday August 14th! The screening will be in the Westin, Council Room. And Guild Season 1 DVD’s are on sale, SIGNED BY FELICIA […]

  • DVDs All Sent!

    Due to unusually high demand (and low manpower) we have just now gotten all DVD orders shipped up to today. We apologize for the slight delay, but we hope they arrive swiftly so you can enjoy them! International orders, please allow up to 14 days for delivery. Don’t hesitate to contact us through Paypal or […]

  • “The Guild” Con Schedule!

    We had so much fun at Comicon a few weeks ago that The Guild is participating in two more this month! GENCON Aug 14-17: Jamie Chambers of Margaret Weis Productions will be selling The Guild DVD for us at GENCON! All the DVDs sold there were autographed by Felicia, so pick one up if you […]

  • Power Strip Baby Thanks You!

    Baby Blake (Who plays Clara’s Baby Blake in the show) is very greatful for his Guildies’ help in owning the competition in his round of the 104.3 MyFM “Most Beautiful Baby” contest! Stay tuned, in a few weeks he’ll need a rebuff as he goes head to head against some other, less cute babies for […]

  • Super Guild Fan Art!

    We are so excited to be able to show you this amazing fan art that Irrel created. It’s fantastic and we’re so appreciative of her! View the full sized version in our Flickr Guild Group!