The Guild

  • More Fan Art!

    Well, the call is being heeded for more character generated pics of “The Guild” in your favorite game! Today’s entry comes from Damien Valentine of Bathtub Productions, using “The Battle for Middle Earth 2″ to portray our characters. Really fun, thanks Damien! Click on this link or this blog entry to see the pics! BLADEZZ […]

  • Felicia Interview with “How I WOW”

    Check out “How I WOW” For a LONG insightful and thoroughly entertaining podcast interview with Guild creator Felicia Day here! Interviewers Sean and Patrick definitely get the goods on many Felicia things, including the origins of the DDR video!

  • Gorgeous Tiny #7 Posted!

    “Guild” producer Kim Evey’s show releases another episode! A talking carrot falls in love with Adam Arkin (Life, Chicago Hope). à ŒWill he return its affections? à Œ Find out in the latest episode of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, Episode 7 “Bad Smell.”

  • Fan Responses!

    If you’ll look over at our EXTRAS page, we have a fantastic array of YouTube response videos to The Guild episodes. Recently mastaJwhite posted 2 great videos of the Guild members as they might be portrayed in World of Warcraft. We loved it, thanks so much! (If you click on a response video it will […]

  • Episode 9 Pics: Up Close

    Photographer, Actor, Writer and Director Tom Lenk was kind enough to bless The Guild with his photography skills for our latest episode. Check out the photos…up close and personal. And check out Tommy’s YouTube channel for some of hilarious sketch comedy videos! And for more of Tommy’s brilliance, check out his YouTube Channel for hilarious […]

  • Gorgeous Tiny #6 Posted!

    Check out Guild producer Kim Evey’s other show. They’re already up to Episode #6! Please rate her show, she appreciates it!!!

  • Episode 9: Owning Bladezz

    Thank you everyone for all your support, Episode 9 is now released! You might notice some new features at YouTube below our video. If you are a member of, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon or any of the other sharing features that YouTube has added, please take a moment, click on “Post to an Aggregating Service” […]

  • Happy Birthday Edgar!

    It’s Guild web guru Edgar Garcia’s Birthday today. Happy Birthday from The Guild!!

  • Gorgeous Tiny #5 Posted!

    “The Guild”‘s producer, Kim Evey, posts a new Gorgeous Tiny Episode! Check it out! Rate it! Yay! Click graphic or read whole article for video embed! Sacrificing Unicow is visited by his magical relative Cownicorn. Now we having a fighting time! Lick Poop returns with rare gift for Kiko.