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  • Writeup on “The Guild” at

    We like to keep you updated on various press links to the show, and today is no different! wrote a great article on the show here (Felicia loves the comparison to Tina Fey since she’s her idol ). Also, on the bottom of the sidebar, or their front page, there’s a little poll about […]

  • Felicia Day Stars in: Retarded Policeman Episode 8

    We here at “The Guild” want to keep you up-to-date on what our actors and other crew are doing in the webisphere.  So we’re pleased to link you Episode 8 of “Retarded Policeman”, a web series created by one of the directors here at The Guild (Greg “Badass” Benson) that Felicia Day (Codex) is featured […]

  • Guild Thank You Follow-Up Video

    We got the trophy, so we posted our follow-up video to The Guild Thanks! That means….DDR Time. Poor Felicia.

  • Check out our Producer’s new web series!

    OK, well, technically it’s not a new series but a brand new episode of the long awaited “Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show” just posted! Fans in the U.S. can check it out on YouTube and fans outside the U.S. can view it on Crackle. Gorgeous Tiny was created, written by and stars our producer Kim […]

  • Forums Back UP!

    Thanks to Guild fan Edgar Garcia, the forums are now up and running again!  We appreciate your hard and magical work Edgar.  Now everyone can again be forced to add numbers to post things about the show!  Click on the Forums button and have at it!

  • Great Article on “The Guild”!

    We’ve had our fair share of writeups lately, but we’re definitely flattered and pleased as punch at Tilzy’s write-up on our show here, as well as a great video interview from SXSW with Felicia and Sandeep. Check it out! Thanks Josh and Co. @ Tilzy.TV.  Keep up with their great New Media Coverage by subscribing […]

  • “The Guild” Press for Tuesday

    I’m sure all this will let up soon enough, but we’re lucky to be getting a lot of coverage on our show! Last night at the New Tee Vee meetup in LA, we did a little interview you can see here! And thank you fan Darth Angelus for alerting us to some physical magazine goodness […]

  • ComiCon Anyone?

    So, we’ve been looking into doing something at Comicon, we will have our Season 1 DVD out around then, but the booths are totally sold out! Does anyone know of someone who would be interested in sharing a booth they have, or at the very least, letting us do a Guest appearance at their booth […]

  • Temporarily Taking Down Donor Button!

    Well, we’re in an interesting position here at the Guild: We’ve made our whole budget for the season! Because of all the new contributors finding us through our recent awards, we have gotten enough money to pay our actors a bit, the first time they’ve ever made any money on The Guild, so thank you […]