The Guild

  • Great Fan Art!

    We at the Guild are excited to have received our first piece of fan art! Iscuxcar Din sent us this in the mail! Yellow Kitchen Gloves of Defense made Felicia’s day! Thanks so much!

  • Felicia’s Acceptance Speech from SXSW

    Thanks for this link goes to hacksaway at Whedonesque! What a great link! Gamespot’s Vlog entry about On Network/SXSW Greenlight Awards with Gamespot’s Homer Rabara includes interviews with Felicia and Sandeep and Felicia’s whole acceptance speech! Relevant parts are at 0:55, 5:00 and 6:24. Also has an interview with the whole crew after winning: Felicia, […]

  • New Links about The Guild!

    We’ve gotten a lot of cool press about our show lately, so we have some links we’d like to share with you, and some sites we want to give some love to for their support! The Los Angeles Times’ New Media Blog declares “The Guild” winner of overall “Best Tuby” from the YouTube 2007 video […]

  • The Guild Wins the 2007 Best Series Award for Yahoo!

    We are so excited to tell you that, thanks to your votes, The Guild has won the Yahoo 2007 Best Web Series Award! Along with winning the YouTube Best Series Award for 2007 on Thursday, and our winning the SXSW/On Networks Web Series award a few weeks ago, this has been a whirlwind month for […]

  • We Won!

    With 39.9% of the vote, The Guild trounced the competition in the series category of the YouTube Awards! We want to thank every single person for their vote(s). As we said in the post below, we have the best fans in the universe. Will update with links to press that Felicia is currently doing […]

  • Episode 8: Tipping Point

    Updates on the Video contests to be posted ASAP. Thank you each and every one of you for your votes. There is no better fan base on the web. We released Episode 8 today as a thanks for all your linking and support, and will be releasing 9 and 10 a bit faster to ramp […]

  • Oops, we’re back up again!

    So, the website went down today due to a user error by Felicia with the mailing list (Sorry to anyone who got an outdated email alerting them to EPISODE 4!?!) But thanks to uber fan, Edgar Garcia, the site is back on it’s feet again. And…need I remind you to vote again in the YouTube […]

  • Thank you Darth Angelus!

    Fan of “The Guild” Darth Angelus and the crew at Bathtub Productions created a video to support The Guild in this week’s competitions. We at the show want to thank them for making our day! The force is with us!

  • HELP! Felicia was KILLED by Break a Leg! So, this means war Folks. PLEASE PLEASE vote until Thursday, home and work, this cannot be won with such a dirty move!  (We are not advocating cheating at all, just organic voting please.) Please, get everyone you know to vote! Such shenanigans cannot be rewarded! Felicia was a SLAYER after all! And vote […]