The Guild

  • Guild Thank You Video!

    We created a little video on set yesterday to thank you, our fans and viewers, and to get everyone to vote in the Yahoo and YouTube video awards! Or check it out Here! No, Felicia is not having a seizure.

  • Thank You To the Extras!

    We shot Guild Episode #10 yesterday, wrapping up the first story arc in our show! Yay! We wanted to thank the following fans for coming out and helping us by being extras! Brandon Richard (Maggiemcice) Seth Watkins (Bearmauler) Crista Elise Bergmann (Tinklet) Jim Van Cooney Morgarten (Horizons Shadow) Cate Roger Barr (of I-Mockery) Corey Dennis […]

  • SXSW Interviews with “The Guild” and…remember to Vote!

    Remember to vote in the Yahoo Video awards! Break a Leg is creeping up on us, so if you haven’t voted, please just cast your vote, it’s an easy click! I suspect there’s a stealth campaign to steal the win, so don’t let that happen! And most importantly, vote in the YouTube awards! You can […]

  • OMG! Please Vote for us in 2007 YouTube Awards!

    Well, it’s been quite a week here at The Guild. First SXSW/On Networks award, then the Yahoo series award (Thank you for your votes, we look to be ahead there) and NOW…. “The Guild” is nominated for best web series in YouTube’s 2007 awards! You can vote ONE TIME A DAY until March 19th […]

  • Hooray! And one favor to ask ;)

    We’re so proud to announce that tonight “The Guild” took home the On Networks/SXSW Greenlight Award for best web series! Check it out here. In attendance at SXSW were Guild members Felicia Day, Kim Evey, Jane Selle Morgan, Greg Benson, Sandeep Parikh and Leah Mann! (Jane wasn’t in this picture, but Felicia’s brother Ryon was, […]

  • Extras Needed

    Hi! We’re shooting episode #10 on March 14th, a Friday in Los Angeles.  If anyone is interested in being an extra, please contact us at watchtheguild (at)!  It would be from 9-4pm, or whenever you can make it in that window.  Thank you!

  • Forums Down for a bit…

    Hi! We’re having a few glitches with the forum, please be patient and we’ll get them up ASAP!

  • “The Instance” Interview!

    The Instance, the massively popular World Of Warcraft podcast, has posted a 30 minute interview with Zaboo and, Sandeep Parikh and Felicia Day. Check it out here!

  • “The Guild” is a finalist for the SXSW/On Network Greenlight Series Award!

    We are excited to announce that our little indie series, The Guild, is one of 5 finalists for the series prize for the Greenlight Awards, sponsored by SXSW and On Networks! We are eligible for a $10,000 dollar prize to shoot more episodes with, and the contest will be judged by lots of fancy people, […]