The Guild

  • 1,000,000 Hits Served!

    We are pleased to announce that Episode 1: Wake Up Call has made it to 1,000,000! Look at all those zeros, very impressive! Thanks to anyone and all who viewed and helped us make this exciting number, we appreciate your dedication to the show!

  • Episode 5: Rather Be Raiding

    Episode 5 of The Guild: Rather Be Raiding can be viewed here!   The Guild: Episode 5 Launch screening room Thanks to all the people who made Episode 5 possible: The cast and crew, the many generous individual donors, Jinx T-shirts and all the people who do the work AFTER filming, like editing, post-sound etc. […]

  • Push to 1,000,000!

    We are so excited that The Guild Episode 1: Wake-Up Call is now at 985,000 views, but since we’re soooo close want to reach the million mark! We can do it easily with the help of fans like you! So go, watch it uno mas, even on mute if you have to, and help us […]

  • Interview with Vork on The Older Gamer

    Vork was able to take time out of his busy Guildmaster schedule, precisely 11 minutes between raid times, to do an interview with RogueSlayer over at The Older Gamer. TOG: What is your real name? Vork: My name is Herman Holden but I find it and my online identity, Vork, indistinguishable. TOG: How long have […]

  • Episode 4: Cheesybeards

    Episode 4 is now live on YouTube! Help us make today’s top favorite by voting and favorite us! We’d appreciate it!   Episode 4 Launch screening room

  • New Tee Vee Interview Posted

    Wagner James Au did a great write-up on The Guild at New Tee Vee, one of the best sites on new media programming on the web. Check it out here! And check your YouTube subscription box carefully for the next day, you might be pleasantly surprised!

  • Episode 6!

    Very exciting news, we have just gotten our first donations that will be put towards episode 6! Thank you to Luke Youngblood, Lisa Lange, Matthew Batchelder and Yodaline from Guild Mithrilguard @ Tarren Mill for your contributions. You didn’t know it, but you were firsts!

  • “The Guild” Featured on Yahoo!

    Episode 1 of The Guild is on the front page of Yahoo videos! Check it out on the front page here, and please watch and vote if you click over!

  • In the Green!

    I’m happy to announce that, as of yesterday, the entire budgets of episodes 4 and 5, which we shot last weekend, were paid in entirety by donations by fans!   Please check out the list of “Honorary Guild Members” on the credits page to see the long list of generous people who made it possible […]