The Guild

  • Why I Watch The Guild

    To promote the inaugural IAWTV Awards, the IAWTV (International Academy of Web Television) asked members to create “Why I Do What I Do” videos and to ask fans to create “Why I Watch” videos, promoting both the awards and their favorite shows. Felicia created a “Why I Do What I Do” video, as did Doug […]

  • The Guild Season 5 DVD now available on Amazon

    The Guild Season 5 DVD is now available via, with a release date of December 13, 2011. Picking up where season four left off, season five takes the Guild members out from behind their computers and throws them into the real world like the show has never seen before, with new locations, guest stars, […]

  • Seeking Interns for 2012

    We’re looking for a few good interns to help out at Knights of Good Productions, the production company for The Guild, Dragon Age: Redemption, and other forthcoming web projects). Interns help with various duties, some are ordinary and menial, like running errands, filing paperwork, getting coffee. Some are awesome, like helping us film The Guild […]

  • Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 6 and Gag Reel

    Episode 6 of Dragon Age: Redemption is now online, please thumbs up, share and comment! And a bonus video – the gag reel from the series is up as well:

  • Dragon Age: Redemption chat on Vokle

    To celebrate the finale of Dragon Age Redemption, creator Felicia Day will host a live video chat on Tuesday November 15, 2011 at 7pm Pacific time on Vokle, a cool new platform for live streaming. Joining her is Dragon Age: Redemption director Peter Winther along with some other special guests. With Vokle, you can submit […]

  • Epic Weapons Giveaway

    Thank you all for participating in our #EpicWeapons giveaway yesterday – between comments on our blog post and #epicweapons tweets, we had hundreds of entries. The grand prize of the Dragon Age II Lifesize Staffsword goes to Sarah Frisk: Loving Redemption thus far, most epic moment is the tavern wench knocking the mage out with […]

  • Dragon Age Redemption Ep. 5 and Epic Weapons Giveaway

    Episode 5 of Dragon Age: Redemption is now online, please thumbs up, share and comment! Our friends at Epic Weapons have provided some incredible loot for us to giveaway from their line of Dragon Age officially licensed replicas. We have Dragon Age pendants, cool sword replica letter openers and coasters in Dragon Age designs: And […]

  • Dragon Age: Redemption and Epic Weapons

    Hey Guildies, hope you have been enjoying the Dragon Age: Redemption web series, which this week released the fourth of six episodes, “Nyree.” Next Tuesday, with the release of episode five, Epic Weapons has teamed up with us to reward some of our loyal fans with some incredible prizes from their line of Dragon Age officially […]

  • Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 4 – Nyree is here

    The latest episode of Dragon Age: Redemption is up on Machinima: Hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment and “thumbs up” on YouTube, and share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to help spread the word about this show – only 2 more episodes!