The Guild

  • Book: Guild Leadership

    You may have noticed that in Season 3, episode 5 – Application’d, Codex reads a book in her webcam called Guild Leadership: Lessons from the Virtual World. We wanted to let you know that this is not a prop, it’s an actual book by Jeon Rezvani that can help us all improve our game. This book is chock full of great insights into how online leadership translates into real world applications and vice versa and proves that MMORPGs are not a waste of time. Finally, a book that respects gamers!

    So check out this book and know that all proceeds from its sale go to Oprah’s Angel Network. Jeon chose this organization because Oprah matches all administrative costs so none of your money goes to overhead. The Network also fosters leadership in young people, builds and reforms schools, helps orphans and other unfortunate people. So get this book, and feel good about being a gamer and helping the world!