The Guild

  • Bunch Casseday = The Best!

    We are so privileged to be helped out this season by Bunch Casseday, uber rental house out of Los Angeles. Without them, Guild Season 2 would be limping along, instead we are able to shoot in wonderful HD with kick ass equipment! We’re so excited to be able to upgrade the show, and it’s all thanks to them. We are so appreciative.

    They are actually web series auteurs themselves, and have a hilarious show called Casanovas that is “…a weekly comedy web series chronicling the misadventures of two extremely eligible bachelors as they stumble their way through the world of women. Look out ladies… Seriously… this isn’t going to be pretty.” It’s very funny, definitely check it out! Thanks again Bunch Casseday! The Guild salutes you!

  • TheGamut

    That’s great! (That means there will be a Blu-Ray Disc version for S2 with a gazillion bagillion extra features. Yes?)

  • Linh

    Nice, HD Guild! Can’t wait

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