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  • Claracorns FTW!

    The Claracorn contest went way beyond our expectations, both in quality and quantity of entries. We decided to award prizes to ten entries that we particularly liked, though we do love them all and encourage you to enjoy the virtual gallery of them on Pinterest and Flickr. Here are the selections (in no particular order) – clicking on the image will take you to the original submission.  Our picks were made by Felicia Day, Robin Thorsen, producer Kim Evey and marketing coordinator Brian Kameoka, along with you, the fans:

    Melissa Greene‘s “Elusive Claracorn,” which came with the caption “The elusive Claracorn is caught daydreaming about her own immortality.” This was one of the very first entries and caused Felicia to proclaim “this one takes the cake for me!”

    Robin remarked that she dug the futuristic vibe of Stewart Craig’s entry, which features clara in a zip up unicorn.  Check out his blog to see the initial sketch and the final version.

    Animated GIFs must be as old as the web and some say they were the scourge of Myspace.  But Tumblr and Google+ have made them hip again, so when Anita submitted this and said “I hope gifs are ok” we said “of course!”

    A lot of different media were used to create the Claracorns, and Lexi O’Dea’s rendering on canvas was a favorite of Robin, who said, “I know it’s not really a unicorn but it’s RAD.”

    Kim Evey’s favorite was Matthieu Stone‘s sweet rendition of mother Claracorn dutifully watching over one of her Babycorns, who’s not in any danger at all:

    Some of the entries included other cast, and quite a few used Clara’s Squid Hat in their Claracorn drawings. “Claracorn and Friends” from Adam Kuta used both:

    And speaking of squids, Jennifer Tourtillott embellished her Claracorn with magical floaty squids and a squid tattoo:

    We loved the entry from Tumblr user ItsAboutBunnies so much we decided to give it the prestigious (and just made up) Crafty Award, for being so, um, crafty:

    Speaking of crafty, many of you let Claracorn leap off the page and computer screen by creating actual 3D objects… well done!  We particularly like Julie Douberly‘s plush Claracorn:

    And last but not least, the clear fan favorite was Eddie Renner’s Claracorn, which caused one person we showed it to to ask “Why is John Boener riding Claracorn?” (Boehner is a US congressman from Ohio and our current Speaker of the House, for you international Guildies).  Of course, we all know that is actually George Beane, aka Mr. Wiggly, because the artist included the telltale cheese tray.  Props for including all three children, something even we don’t always do: