The Guild

  • Codex’s Apartment c/o Andrew Gleason

    We like to occasionally highlight some individuals who make this show possible, whether volunteer or crew; everyone we work with contributes indispensably to the production of the show. This week we highlight uber location man and VIP extra: Andrew Gleason!

    I’m sure you’re all aware of the low-budget nature of the show (even with our new-found funding) and how hard it was to get Season 2 off the ground initially with no producing help. To top it off, due to landlord issues over the summer, we had also lost one of our major locations: Codex’s apartment! Gah!

    This was a HUGE problem as we needed to shoot extensively at her apartment for the season, and the old location was so unique, it became necessary to be worked into the storyline that she moved somehow (to justify it, we had Zaboo’s mom become a Real Estate lawyer :) )

    Storywise we found a solution, but shooting-wise we still had a problem. We posted on this website in July/August asking for volunteers who owned/managed an apartment complex, duplex etc, but honestly it’s very hard to find a place to film in the LA area and we didn’t expect anyone to respond. Lucky for us, Andrew Gleason stepped up to the table!

    Andrew’s father manages an apartment complex and they happened to have an empty unit available for our needs. This was literally the only reason we were able to start shooting Season 2 when we did. Andrew isn’t even a gamer (just the casual Wii) and came to the show through Felicia’s Dr. Horrible performance, but has proven to be one of the most supportive fans of the show. Truly, we are so grateful for his contribution. As a bonus, you can definitely see him in the background of a future Guild episode so stay tuned. Thanks Andrew! :)