The Guild

  • Jaspr1999

    I came here because I’m a fan of The Guild and I have to admit that although I love Dragon Age this series has really brought it to life. Ms. Day has become an internet sensation and she’s earned every bit of it.

    Ms. Day, Thank you very much for all your hard work to bring so much enjoyment to the rest of us gamer/YouTubers out here. You and your crews are very appreciated!

  • stinger052

    most epic moment is in episode five when Tallis says: “Andraste’s ass!”

    haha lmfao

  • Tim

    My favourite epic moment is when Tallis throws a blade in Josmael’s gut just to make sure he knows how to heal and will hold his own in a fight. Haha, classic trial by fire.

  • Dittie

    I actually thought Ep 5 was pretty damn epic :) I loved the bar fight!

  • Rogue Angel

    Imo, the most epic time to date in the Dragon Age: Redemption series is the first scene you see Tallis.

    “Looks like a pig. Smells like a pig. Squeals like a pig. My job is to carve it up.”

    Or when she throws the dart at the guy’s head in the inn. That was pretty dank too.

  • Mike Gill

    I suppose I kinda have to side with Sarebaas, because the scene in episode 5 where he spins around to make Cairn cut the antimagic shackles was just badass.

  • Anonymous

    “If you’re a healer, prove it.” The whole series has been just awesome, but that one sticks in my head!

  • Emma Maynor


  • Emma Maynor

    When tallis cuts the guys head off on the first ep.

  • Martin

    The best is as Tallis offers kills the criminal.
    “Your god is called Androsity, right?”
    “Yeah, she’s brave and beautifull.”
    and here it comes
    “Sound like we get along.”
    it just nearly killed me :D

  • Mike Hayward

    Has gotta be when she grabs the crossbow bolt and nails the crossbowman right in the face with his own bolt! I’m sure I am not alone in thinking this!

  • shiny

    In comic book form:

    Tallis telling the mage to prove himself is my favorite moment – epic, unexpected, and hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    “You said you’re a healer, little elf?”

    “Yes, I did. A good one.”

    “Prove it!”

  • Keith Owens

    Episode 1, 3:19.

    “Watch who you call knife ears.”

    Great character introduction. Very nicely set the stage for everything that has followed.

  • Anonymous
  • Trey Schroeder

    You’re a healer… Prove it has got to be my fav.

  • Xhandlewithcare

    when Tallis stabs Josmael!

  • Greeninkblot

    Most “epic moment” is definitely during the beginning of the second episode where Tallis is getting reprimanded by the Templar for killing the suspect while she is sitting on the dead body eating almonds, which she offers to the Templar. That’s just epicly bad ass!

  • Chris Ronsicki

    Most Epic moment, simply was the introduction of Tallis, butchering the pig, and the very simple skirmish that came from that. A great introduction to her character, her skills and quick wit rolled into one.

  • Azura

    I have to say I loved the moment when the inn keeper was fed up with all the fighting and smashes the pitcher into the little elf’s head. You don’t mess with a woman’s inn!

  • Beast Clark

    My favourite moment was the same as a lot of folks here. “You are a healer? PROVE IT!”

  • Raven Dragonstar

    Most epic moment was when Tallis stabs the mage when he says he’s a good healer then tells him “Well heal yourself” Wow how priceless.

  • Martin the Miserable

    Most epic moment so far, Tallis sliding into the cave and hamstringing the mercs. #epicweapons

  • Earnbrand

    Gotta be when Tallis stabs Josmael so force him to demonstrate his healing abilities.

  • Jeremy Mikulich

    The moment when Josmael yells out for Fina after he sees her being cut and used to power the mask, thereby ruining the practically perfect plan Tallis and Cairn had.

    I would have screencapped the moment he yells for her, but it was too dark.

  • Craig Norborg

    Tallis stabbing Josmael!

  • Evan Gardner

    The most epic moment? Easy. The Templar shield bashing one of Saarebas’s minions in the face in Episode 3. The killing of the crossbowman in Episode 5 is a close second.

  • Bradley Prose

    “Andraste’s Ass!”

  • Bryan Scott

    Most epic for me has to be the bar fight in the last episode, multiple kills, we get to see almost everyones fighting style, an I love the dart to the face. :)

  • Chibigb

    Totally late to the party on this one…
    When Nyree hits Cairn in Ep 5.

  • Sergio Celi

    When the Templar tells why he tried to kill the qunari Mage… That part was awsome for me!

  • John Mion

    Seriously, when Tallis killed the the crossbowman with the dart. How is that not one of the coolest “improv” weapon moments. Great series!

  • Logain64

    For my epic moment I choose when Talis stabs Josmael to have him prove his healing power…here’s a little steel…show me what you got…and I would like to hate on expensive hotels and airports that do not provide free WIFI…or I would have posted sooner….arrrrgggggg

  • Nyan

    Oh I loved the moment when Tallis trew a knife at the mage and said to him ” Go on,heal. Anytime now”
    She is so awesome!

  • Wylander

    Episode 5 was great the fight in the bar was awesome. Everyone got to see all their abilities come into play.

  • Rhino

    Episode 1 when Tallis asks about the god of the guy she was tracking. “Sounds like we would get along. Give her my regards.”- splutt!

  • Fillesuperbe2003

    epic? the whole fight sequence at the inn! pure awesomeness.

  • ForbiddenshadowX

    Hard to say, when the Tallis characters herself is kick as, as is. Her combat, quotes, and movement and just everything about her. I really like how she handles coming to the bottom of the hill in the first episode as well as the kill at the end, her flirty nature in the 4th, and her actions against the boy in the 3rd. All great.

  • Reece Dvorak

    Can only be the point were she stabs the mage and tells him to prove he can heal.

  • Seth/Nimbus

    My pick of “most epic moment” from the Dragon Age: Redemption web series is that I can show it. I think what you all do, it’s brilliant cinematography. Plus, I love the subtle chemistry between Tallis and Cairn, it’s so very ‘under-the-table’ ~Who could tell where it’s going to go? Tallis would wreck him in my humble opinion. Cairn wouldn’t know what hit ‘em. I feel for him. She’s just so very immensely worldly by comparison.

  • Nick Collett

    definitely the moment when he trys to split the guys head but then the guy turns round and gets the chain cut and casts a spell

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