The Guild

  • Karyn Jourdeuil

    My most epic moment has to be Nyree’s reaver face in Episode 5.

    So much love for this series, you have no idea!

  • Karyn Jourdeuil

    My most epic moment has to be Nyree’s reaver face in Episode 5.

    So much love for this series, you have no idea!

  • Mario Killjoy Coronel

    Love Felicia. I almost won the Sword at Long Beach Comic Con. Most Epic Moment was when tallis stabbed josmael! And then healed

  • Emeriz

    I loved where the innkeeper knocked out the mage because he broke her table!

  • neuromantic

    Definitely when Tallis and the Templar are accused of being lovers. No weapon cuts deeper than the truth. Can’t wait to see the denouement!

  • Anthony Leon

    I got to say the epic moment is when Tallis encounter the Templer Card(not sure if that is how it it spell) and they are fight for the guy.

  • G. Trent Galbraith

    Epic moment…The end of episode 1. Tallis throws herself and the ear collector down the hill, gets what she needs and then sends him to meet his god. Love this woman!

  • Fleur

    The first proper fight sequence – with Tallis and Cairn in episode 1 – it sets the rest of the series up really well. You get a sense of game character movement as well as the joy of watching the flashy fight skills.

  • cypriotpryde

    “Andraste’s Ass”

  • Anonymous

    I loved episode one. It was new and fresh, but when Tallis chopped into that guy with dual weapons I was like OMG YES!

  • TheDevilsGreed

    first episode pretty bad ass when Felicia kills the guy with the ax after she gets the information out of him.

  • Ktkowicki

    The best thing in Dragon Age Redemption ARE the epic weapons. They are all very well made and I can’t stop looking at them and trying to figure out how they did it. I wasn’t a weapons girl before… you can bet I am now.
    Also I love when Tallis just stabs the mage to make sure he can actually heal.

  • Bronzeamor

    giant fan of Delica day love all her work from the guild to her work as the fairy in LoN most epic moment her character grabbing the dart off the wall and taking out the archer ep 5 1:36

    • Bronzearmor

      *Felica haha oops

      • barts185

        Yeah, we don’t want Delicia Fay showing up.

  • Trcoldforge

    Definitely the dart grab.

  • Ben

    I’d say probably when tallis throws her dagger as joshamael, that was pretty sick.

  • Keko_girl

    The most absolutely epic moment (among the many many moments deserving of that title) in Dragon Age: Redemption is the entire fight between Tallis, Cairn, and the lone ear-chopper in episode 1. The way that the fighting between the three flow and the dialogue during the fight are a perfect opening to the series; smooth, effortless, and even humorous. The fight is choreographed amazingly and is just plain awesome. Love the series so far! I’m sad to see it almost done though. :(

  • Rayneshadw

    Most epic moment? Episode 101, when Talis throws the butcher’s blade and says, “Watch who you call knife ears.” Set the tone for the whole miniseries.

  • three west

    epic moment, Tallis stabs Josmael

  • Lei

    Most Epic Moment: Episode 3 around 6:28. Tallis slide under the mace and slices the guys leg, then carn use shield bash to knock him to the ground. In Origins Alisair’s bread and butter was shield bash to see it actually done: EXPLOSIVE AWESOMENESS

    • Lei

      Also hope i’m not to late to enter the contest, I really want one of those letter openers

  • Todd Blackmon

    Talis slitting the throat of her enemy. Sweet!

  • t-man

    When the Templar failed epicly at killing the mage in the chantry. lol

  • Randy Koch

    Most epic moment? Almond? take one cuz that’s all you’ll get from me! Lovedt!

  • Rebecca Koslover

    3:20 in Episode one. The first “Tallis is a total badass” moment with the meat cleaver. :-D

  • iPan Baal

    Tallis throwing her blade into Josmael. Is there anything more epic?

  • Aaron Sherman

    The best scene to date was when the Reaver goes all toothy on the mercenary!

  • Subbywan

    It’s not a particular moment, but Tallis’s attitude. The whole kick-assedness of the character is just *epic!* More people need to be like Tallis!!

  • Shaman96

    Cairn: “You’re going the wrong way…”

  • Eddie

    Man that little elf is such a trouble maker I hope he gets his ass beat by the group.

  • Eddie

    Man that little elf is such a trouble maker I hope he gets his ass beat by the group.

  • Grayfox141

    Best Moment was when your surrounded by enemies and your biggest problem is that your stew is unfinished.

  • Pat Higgins

    My pick for the “most epic moment” from the Dragon Age: Redemption web series so far… Clocked in the back of the head by the inn keeper – epic :)

  • Winter Bryan

    Hands down when Talis stabbed Josmael and told him to heal himself.

  • devast8a

    Have to agree with neuromantic.
    When they were accused of being lovers.
    That and the epic inn fight scene.

  • Jessica Yang

    episode 2, when Josmael went “I can do this”. I was going “wait for it…wait for it…” while Tallis and Cairn were dissing him.

  • GAC

    During the inn fight, Nyree jumps into the battle and hits the nearest mercenary in the face with her plate of stew. Especially awesome considering that she had spent the previous episode complaining about how incredibly bad said stew was.

  • Lisa Baggerly

    I love when Nyree says “Now Kiss Me” with the evil red face!

  • Brian Stevens

    the dart to the forehead was the best moment of this ep(ic)sode.

  • Carine Abraham

    Want :3

  • Matthew Kerwin

    Most epic moment: “You say you’re a healer little elf. … Prove it.”

  • Matthew Kerwin

    Most epic moment: “You say you’re a healer little elf. … Prove it.”

  • Rastislav Švarba

    Stabbing Josmael, just to be sure, he is good healer :)

  • Dmitrii Vukolov

    The most epic moment for me was in ep1 when tallis says “Looks like a pig , smells like a pig , squeals like a pig . My job is to carve it up”

  • Rafael Colombeau

    Epic Flirt in ep.4 – 8:40 – The way Tallis came on this poor Paladin is just too bold to be true.

  • Jacomus Wyndswift

    The MOST EPIC thing is that you guys are producing it and we get to watch it, the whole show is pretty much EPIC….that is all, Cheers.

  • Michauch

    “You say you’re a healer little elf. – Prove it.”

  • piet pelt

    ep1 in the end where Tallis kills that guy right at the end of the episode. Great line

  • Endolf

    When Tallis makes Josmael prove he can heal. Awesome.

  • Ján Kosa

    most epic moment moment was when it was greenlit and allowed to be created :)

  • Daniel Fritz

    i really like in ep 1 where after being in that hell hole for weeks, treated lower than scum, Tallis is still all sassy and confident to the guard when he gives her another chance… thats hott!

  • Andreas Vija

    Definately when Cairn told his story and his own reason for vendetta.