The Guild

  • Tami Hoffman Pell

    Seeing another Felicia Day project come to fruition!

  • Anonymous

    So far everything has been epic. Tho perhaps seeing Felicia do good dagger technique has been extra epic.

  • InsomnolentLife

    I’m not sure if it’s the most epic, but that scene that really captured me and the web series as a whole was the first fight scene with Tallis, Cairn, and the mercenary as he tormented the tinker. The dialogue and banter really gave the characters some life BEFORE you really got to know them. Well played, and definitely made me want to see the rest of the series.

  • Allen Bentley

    Most epic moment, when Tallis sends Brom to visit Andraste

  • Anonymous

    Favorite part? Nyree’s quick little intro:
    “If I’m in the right mood, then pain’s alright. Wanna go?”
    <3 Nyree
    P.S. She slayed a dragon!

  • Jeff O

    Battle in the cave in episode 3… tense all the way through.It was looking so good, then the battle shifted… well played episode

  • Chad Phillips

    Always been partial to Healers… So Josmael taking a blade then pulling it out and healing himself.

  • Jonathon Hamilton

    The shield bash! :)

  • Dunatis

    Most epic moment is EASILY the first episode where Tallis straight up, flat out, murders the suspect in front of the ‘law enforcement’. “I’ll only need to question him for a moment, then he’s all yours…” CLASSIC EVIL!

  • Lance Shepardson

    Most epic moment? the moment you decided to cast Felicia Day!

  • Alex Medina

    Glowing eyes…That’s all I have to say.

  • Lance Shepardson

    or when she cast herself, whatever!

  • Lauren Ankudinoff

    I loved when Tallis threw her dagger at Josmael to try to get him to prove his worth and heal himself, I wasn’t expecting it at all! Very badass.

  • Jim Brannick

    In the battle in the inn, when the Templar cut off the one mercenary’s arm and Tallis threw the dart to take out the crossbowman were definitely some great epic moments.

    I also liked “Do you have to flirt all the time?” “I don’t have to, I like to.”

    And how about Nyree’s epic cleavage? :P

  • Cory Williams

    When Tallis threw her dagger at Josmael is the most epic in my opinion. It was unexpected, yet totally made sense too.

  • Shaye Whitmer

    I was a big fan of the badassery when Talis first encountered Sarebaas in the cave. It was a pretty darn good action scene.

  • Heather Perkins

    Oh it just has to be when Tallis forces Josmael to prove he can heal. Beyond badass.

  • Tatoorose876

    The most epic moment was when the reaver’s face went all red and creepy while all the fighting in the bar was happening. And of course anything Felicia Day does is epic!

  • Michael Fox

    The mask starting to come to life.

  • Brian

    The Tallis ep 1 law enfourcement sceene

  • Grent

    epic look on the templars face when he gets hit by Nyree’s elbow in episode 5 :D

  • BrewMeister

    It was ALL EPIC!!!

  • BrewMeister

    It was ALL EPIC!!!

  • Alison

    The most epic moment for me was when Nyree scared away the dude in the tavern with her awesome reaver face!

  • BloodPrinze

    The entire show is epic!!!! I found this show last week and have since watched and became a fan of the guild.

  • nanoFatato

    Well, It is the entrance of the character Tallis.. No need to say more..!

    • nanoFatato

      First episode, by the way.

  • Merridith Ann Phillips

    There are just too many epic moments in the show to pick one….lets just call it as the whole friggin show is EPIC! and Felicia Day is AWESOMELY EPIC!!!

  • Aaron Bennett

    The most epic moment for fans was when they cast Felicia Day as Tallis!

  • Aaron Bennett

    The most epic moment for fans was when they cast Felicia Day as Tallis!

  • Vos

    Epic is the look on Josmael’s face after Tallis throws her blade into his gut to prove his “healing” abilities.

  • Vos

    Epic is the look on Josmael’s face after Tallis throws her blade into his gut to prove his “healing” abilities.

  • Dana Kessler

    ep5 1:32 – The crossbow spin throwback is beyond awesome

  • B

    My favorite moment is when Tallis is running through the forest in the first episode, it’s like moment frozen in time, so beautiful, so elusively free.

  • Charlie Toth

    Tallis throwing a dart into a guy’s forehead and puncturing the skull. That was an epic-ly epic moment of epic-ness.

  • Obri451

    Epic moment ep5 innkeeper hit little mage over the head. Break my tables will ya!?!?!

  • Beth Lange

    Most Epic moment would be SHIELD BASH! Episode 3! Definitely! ;)

  • dave rees

    Most epic moment “so your a healer… Prove it”

    cut through the crap and get right to the point excellent.

  • Giraffe

    I’m just waiting for the elf boy to really do something epic, but until then, I guess it goes to Tallis killing that mercenary before the Templar could get to him. Also, badass.

  • Walter Pozywio

    The Most Epic moment is Still to come I know it, but if I had to choice now. it would be in the Bar when Tallis says “Out with it, there will be no more secrets here” Strong Witty and Beautiful in a Night forest back ground. Epic Call out that Templar.

  • Joshua Sisk

    Most epic moment so far would have to be… in the tavern fight scene, when Tallis grabs the knife out of the board behind her, whirls around and hits the crossbowman before he can shoot her. Definitely a “win” moment!

  • spyke01

    Best moment was when Tallis walked onto screen :)

  • Brian Reilly

    …andraste’s ass.

  • Realitybytesme

    When Cairn asks Talis if she has to flirt all the time. She replies “I don’t HAVE to…” I get asked that all the time I have a reply Thanks!!

  • Chris Sorensen

    The series is simply pure epicnesspectacular (The only word to describe it really). For me.. I realized this in the very first episode (which sold me on the rest of the series) when Tallis forcefully takes the information she needs and kills the man afterward without so much as a single look of regret. I remember thinking, “This chicks got balls!”

    Screenshots Included:

    1) Shoved to the ground.. This is probably when Tallis realized she was going to kill him. Look at those EYES!
    2 & 3) Interrogation with a smile! Who wouldn’t give her what she asked for?!
    4) She’s so cut-throat!!
    5) Her eyes say, “Oh hi? What man? Oh.. the man I’m sitting on? I killed him. Teehee :)
    6) The ground is obviously to firm to sit on, I’ll just stay seated right here for a minute, thanks!

  • Lsagara

    The most epic moment was the end of episode 4 when the Reaver complains about not being able to finish the crappy stew.

  • Joshua Herron

    I love the “if your a healer prove it” moment.

  • Devnull

    I thought the fight in the bar was easily the most epic. All characters engaged doing what they do, and epic scene and an epic battle.

  • Hildi91

    I loved the “Andraste’s ass!!” moment … perfect.

  • Jaspr1999

    I thought Tallo’s introduction is priceless… “Looks like a pig, smells like a pig, squeals like a pig… What do we do with pigs?” Very lucky human.

  • Hockeybrad

    There’s been a lot of great moments, but I think the most surprising and epic one was that first kill from Tallis. I wasn’t expecting it, which made it even more interesting.