The Guild

  • Fan Friday: Guildie Kittehs

    When Elaine and Craig Miller adopted their two new “smooshy faced” Scottish Fold kittens (one black, one white), they went through a range of name possibilities and pairings, from Salt and Pepper to Ebony and Ivory. But the only names that really stuck were Zaboo and Codex, inspired by The Guild’s Bollywood-themed music video “Game On.”

    Craig and Elaine are both MMOers (they play City of Heroes). They first heard about the web series through a fellow MMOer at Craig’s work, and they’ve been hooked ever since. Since they have different schedules, they usually watch the episodes separately (Craig through the links on The Guild’s Facebook page, Elaine through The Guild website), and race to see who can watch the new episode first.

    In addition to bearing their names, the kittens also have many of Codex and Zaboo’s attributes. Elaine describes the white kitten Codex as “a bit high strung” but “beautiful and pale like the character Cyd/Codex,” while the black kitten Zaboo is “silly and wide-eyed” as well as “dark and small.”


    When asked about their favorite characters, neither Elaine nor Craig could choose because they think “all of the characters bring so much to the show,” but they loved meeting the entire cast at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con!

    -Bea Schuster