The Guild

  • Fan Friday: My Name is Commander Conrad…

    … and this is my favorite “Fan Friday” on the Citadel.

    When we put the call out for cosplayers to come be extras for Season 5 of The Guild, there were so many amazing people who showed up with amazing costumes to help create the authentic look and feel of a convention. One of them was Holly Conrad, who’s known for her incredible female Commander Shepard costume (from Mass Effect). Holly is an experienced costumer, armorer and prop builder, as you can see from the many videos on her YouTube channel. Here’s an example of some animatronics from a Grunt (also from Mass Effect) that she built:

    On set, Holly’s work caught the eye of celebrity guest Grant Imahara (Mythbusters). “One cosplayer that really stood out was Holly Conrad in her Commander Shepard armor,” said Imahara. “As a maker myself, I geeked out over the carbon-fiber look of her armor. When she told me it was a sticker that people put on their cars to imitate carbon-fiber, I couldn’t believe it! Holly’s a great builder and talented cosplayer.”

    Holly’s work is showcased on her website, the YouTube channel for her company Crabcat Industries as well as all kinds of cosplay and video game sites and blogs. She’s also featured in the upcoming documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope and even made it onto the film’s poster.

    You can follow Holly on Twitter, and look for her in upcoming episodes of The Guild, where she appears in costume and in “civilian” clothes.