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  • Fan Friday: Sabrina Inspired

    This weeks fan for Fan Friday is Sabrina Noelle Otero, a teenager who has found Felicia’s story of creating her own web series an inspiration. Like Felicia, Sabrina is a home-schooler and self starter – she recently joined the staff of her local paper, The Times News in Burlington, NC, where she’s one of the youngest reporters, covering stories like Free Comic Book Day and reviewing the latest MMORPG.

    Sabrina talks a lot about how Felicia’s story has inspired her, and she specifically cites the Felicia’s 2009 acceptance speech at the Streamy Awards. The notion of being a “square peg” resonated with Sabrina and she still quotes this speech to family and friends.

    Sabrina’s most recent project is a live stage production of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, being produced as a benefit for her local chapter of the American Red Cross (Piedmont Carolina Chapter). In April, the worst storms in 20 years hit her state, leaving 43 people dead and many more homeless. Sabrina, using Penny from Dr. Horrible as inspiration, decided she wanted to help the victims of the storms via a benefit performance of one of her favorite shows. Sabrina organized the production and even contacted Marc Blasco to arrange for use of his “Evil League of Evil” song in the show. Oh, and she’ll be playing Groupie #1. For more about this production, see this news article and the event page on Facebook, and if you’re in the area, definitely check it out (it runs through this Sunday, 8/7/11).

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