The Guild

  • Final Guild Comicon Schedule!

    First: A lot of ppl have been asking and here’s what we can tell you: Season 2 will start shooting late August/Early Sept. We are working on funding as we speak.

    In the meantime please pre-order the DVD on our site and if you’re at Comicon, come get it signed!

    We will be staging out of the California Browncoats booth, tables A7/A8. The far right of the convention center, near the back wall, next to a lounge area! Various Cast members will be there for these times:

    3-4 PM

    1:30-2:30 PM
    5-6 PM

    1-2 PM
    4-5 PM

    11-12 PM

    We ALSO have free autograph table space from 3-7pm on Sat. So Saturday, every one of the Guild cast will be either in the booth or at the free autograph table, so stop by and have them sign your DVD or pick up autographed pictures of the cast! :)

    Thanks so much, hope to see you there!