The Guild

  • Stealth

    Grabbed this last night straight after hearing it on the episode, it’s amazing. Love it, and I’ve got the band’s album already too, which is also amazing. Been listening to it all day.

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  • tibits

    Hiya all,

    this song is awesome. And it’s great that we can get a free download. I tried to buy the whole album yesterday, but as I am outside the us, I got no chance (Napster would be the only one, but I don’t own a pc). *sigh*

    So, a big thanks to The Main Drag and a big hug to the whole Guild crew, I watched the season final 5 times yesterday. :o ) Really wonderful stuff.


  • malero

    Wonderful album! I just bought the mp3 album from after listening to the free song. Love the show, keep up the great work.

  • Marinealver

    Cool, but dose this meen there will be more episodes?

  • Nathanjel

    sadly the link dosn’t work anymore :/