The Guild

  • Geek and Sundry coming April 2

    If you missed it this weekend, we announced the lineup for Geek and Sundry, a new YouTube channel from the producers of The Guild. Here’s the video announcing the slate of shows coming next month:

    In addition to the six new shows, The Guild Season 5 will rollout on the Geek and Sundry channel and will be the most epic YouTube release of content from The Guild yet… each of the previous seasons will be available to watch as complete seasons (in HD, edited together like a movie). Annotated gag reels and episodes will give exclusive behind the scenes information, and each weekly Season 5 episode will be followed later in the week by a bonus video featuring looks behind the scenes or additional content.

    Please subscribe to Geek and Sundry on YouTube to get The Guild Season 5 and all the new Geek and Sundry shows as they come out!