The Guild

  • Guild Con FEVER! PAX and DragonCon

    This weekend you can catch a screening of The Guild on BOTH COASTS!

    First, in Seattle! At the Penny Arcade Expo, catch a 9pm screening of The Guild Season 1 on Friday night in the Raven Theatre! Codex and Zaboo will be in attendance and have a short Q & A afterwards. It will be the first live screening they will attend so it’s very exciting!

    In addition, they will be signing and selling DVDs in a very visible booth on the SKYBRIDGE leading into the Expo hall!

    Friday 4-6pm
    Saturday 12-2pm, 4-6pm
    Sunday 10-12pm

    Please stop by and say hi at least!

    ALSO Check out a screening that SAME NIGHT of Zaboo’s web show “Legend of Neil!” It’s screening at 12:30am in the Walrus theatre on Friday, so you can see BOTH series on the big screen! Woot!

    And at DragonCon in Atlanta, Guild champion Jamie Chambers of Margaret Weis Productions AGAIN has arranged a screening of The Guild Season 1 for attendees!!

    DragonCon screening Info:
    Saturday AUGUST 30th, 7:00 PM EDT
    Location: Hanover C-E

    Sandeep and Codex will be attempting a live chat intro of the screening, so any questions you have come prepared to ask them (as long as there’s a wifi connection they’ll be ready!)

    Jamie also has SIGNED DVDs of The Guild Season 1 available for purchase during the Con! Their booth is located at the Marriot Imperial Ballroom, Booth #1304.

    Have a Great Weekend!