The Guild

  • Guild Episode #12 “FIGHT!”

    LOTS to share today with the finale of this season!

    Please check out the last installment in the Guild Season 2 saga, Guild Episode #12 “Fight!”

    “Guild” characters collide — literally.”

    View it streaming on MSN Video:
    Download it in HD or SD off of Xbox Live Video Marketplace under “Independent Videos”
    Download it off the Zune Marketplace for your portable needs!

    A few people made outstanding contributions to the finale, including special effects guru Doug Luberts (@dougluberts on Twitter) and uber band “The Main Drag” who allowed us to use the last song in the show “Love in Wintertime”. Check out their website.
    Thank you so much to all of their time, effort and expertise, we are honored!

    Also, a behind the scenes video “Episode 4: The Stunts” edited by our behind the scenes expert Kenny Mittleider has been posted.
    AND a Gag Reel for episodes 8-12! Happy finale day!

    Thank you so much for taking this wild ride through Season 2 with us. We really hope you had as much fun as we did! Tune in to our live chat tonight on our Ustream channel, 7:30 pm Pacific!

    On to Season 3!

    The Guild Management