The Guild

  • Guild Episode 4, and GAG REEL Posted!!

    We’re very pleased to announce that TWO Guild videos were posted today on MSN Video, Xbox Live Video Marketplace(in HD), and the Zune Marketplace! Please catch them now!!

    Episode 4: Heroic Encounter

    Also a Gag Reel for Episodes 1-3 was posted:

    AND don’t forget the Christmas Guild Spirit with “A Very Guild Christmas”!

    If you could take the time to spread the word on your local forums and blogs, or “Digg” underneath the MSN Video for these episodes, we would definitely appreciate it!

    ALSO if you’ll notice, Season 2 has now started rolling out in our CENTER PLAYER ABOVE! Yay! Please view it here, and then comment on our forums, we’d love to hear your feedback!

    Happy Holidays! :)
    The Guild Management