The Guild

  • Guild in Translation

    We are very lucky because we have an international fan base for our show! We now have 5 languages in the works for Guild translations!

    Dani from Brazil was the first to translate the whole first season: In Portuguese! Check out watchtheguildbrazil on YouTube to see her work. Already we’ve gotten a lot of Brazilian blogs interested in the show through her translated episodes, so thank you Dani!

    Brand new, Luis from Spain has just uploaded the first 4 Episodes in Spanish at watchtheguildspanish! Thank you Luis for your quick work!

    We currently have Chinese, Dutch, French German and Hebrew in the works. If you have another language you’d like to help with, please contact us through the site! Translators are provided a script and episodes to work with, but the translators apply the subtitles themselves. WithSwedish only 4 episodes have been done in this language, so we’re looking for help to finish the rest of the season.

    Thanks so much to our hard working translators to bring The Guild to the world!!