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  • HERE BE (GUILD) DRAGONS! More characters added to Dawn of the Dragons

    Vork Premium General in Dawn of the Dragons

    Continuing the rollout of your favorite characters from The Guild in DAWN OF THE DRAGONS5th Planet Games today announced Vork as a premium general – so you can download & play as Vork!

    (Whether or not you play LIKE Vork is entirely up to you – though not recommended).

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    “I’ve compiled a list of everything you should do to improve the performance of your army.” Vork unfurls a rather long piece of parchment. “First of all, your subordinates don’t demonstrate proper respect for your authority. I suggest imposing a system of demerits that punishes inappropriate behavior. I’ll be happy to oversee this myself. Secondly, you need to stop letting your troops drink all night after battles. Sober minds, steady swords! Thirdly, your pyromancer improperly uses her fireballs in situations where a flaming burst would be much more-”

    “Vork…” You spin round, parry a beastman’s blade, and run the creature through before turning back to him. “Can’t this wait till after the battle?”

    “Failure to listen to valuable advice.” He licks his quill and scribbles on the parchment. “That’s a demerit…

    In, addition, starting today and for the next five days, Kevinator (from the finale of Season 4 of The Guild) is featured in a new World raid, so you can enjoy playing Vork against one of his most epic rivals from the show. (Raid Link)

    The Guild Kevinator

    “‘The Guild’ encapsulates everything that we love about games—the camaraderie, the competitiveness, the fantasy—and we thought it would be fun to turn the show’s characters into a side narrative for one of our games,” said Robert Winkler, co-founder and CEO of 5th Planet Games. “We also happen to be enormous fans of show, so it was incredibly exciting to work with one of our idols in Felicia Day and her talented crew.”

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