The Guild

  • Interview with Vork on The Older Gamer

    Vork was able to take time out of his busy Guildmaster schedule, precisely 11 minutes between raid times, to do an interview with RogueSlayer over at The Older Gamer.

    TOG: What is your real name?
    Vork: My name is Herman Holden but I find it and my online identity, Vork, indistinguishable.

    TOG: How long have you been playing this game?:
    Vork: My online career started many years ago, in the early 80′s as a vocational college student. I ran a dial-up MUD called “Questing For Justice Always.” It wasn’t popular. Since then I’ve sampled many realms. My current career game is just over a year old.

    Read the whole interview here!