The Guild

  • Italian Guild, Prego!

    We are very proud here at The Guild to be a truly world-wide show. Our Xbox Live distribution is translated into 8 languages and launched internationally each week, we believe that is a first for any web show. But, as always, we are especially honored by the time that our FANS have put into adding translations to our videos on YouTube, so the whole world can laugh with (or at) us!

    Our latest language is Italian, kindly translated by uber fan Franceso Spreafico. Not only do we have an Italian YouTube Channel now with a truly impressive number of hits already on the Season 1 videos, but we also have Italian subtitles on our central YouTube Channel, all thanks to his hard work! We couldn’t be more grateful for your work and outreach, thank you so much Francesco!

    In a strange coincidence just last week on Christmas Day, Corriere della sera, one of Italy’s biggest newspapers, featured an article on our show! We’re pretty sure the Yahoo Babelfish translation of the article was not that accurate (what does “whose screw virtual ends with finding outlets” even mean?!) but it seemed flattering from the general tone at least, and inspired by an article that was written up on us in The Guardian Newspaper, a leading paper in England. Very exciting to have the world as our audience!