The Guild

  • It’s a Celebrity Party! (Spoilers)

    As many of you who have been following closely already know, Season 5 has been chock full of some incredible celebrities. Some big stars have joined us in character roles for this season, and some have appeared as themselves in the context of our fictitious gaming convention, Megagame-O-Ramacon.

    We kept the secret of all this year’s celebrities for several months and it’s great to see the reactions to their appearances. This week’s episode involves a celebrity party, and we are going to list them all here.

    SPOILER WARNING: We’re about to spoil the celebs who appear in this week’s episode. For previous episodes, we’ve tried to keep from spoiling on Twitter, Facebook, etc., but for this one, we’re choosing to go ahead and talk about them. With no traditional “time slot,” our viewers watch on their own schedule so choosing WHEN the spoiler deadline passes is impossible.



    Celebs who appear in Season 5, Episode 8 – Social Traumas:

    Amy Berg – Twitter bergopolis
    Bonnie Burton – Twitter bonniegrrl
    Eliza Dushku – Twitter elizadushku
    Colin Ferguson – Twitter colinferg
    Rick Fox – Twitter Rickafox
    Grant Imahara – Twitter GrantImahara
    Dichen Lachman – Twitter Dichenlachman
    Zachary Levi – Twitter ZacharyLevi
    Tom Lenk – Twitter tomlenk
    Kevin Sorbo – Twitter ksorbs