The Guild

  • Knights of the Guild Official Fan Podcast #1!


    We are so excited to have fans getting together and making a podcast about our show! The Knights of the Guild has just posted their first episode. You can download off of iTunes or at their website.

    Features include:

    Today’s show features:

    * We discussion our background and talk about how we came to find ourselves working on the second season of The Guild.
    * We give a brief description of what The Guild is and it’s characters.
    * For our Fan interview we have diehard Guildie Dani from Brazil.
    * We update you on the Cast and what they currently are up too.
    * For our BTS segment we discuss our experience working on Episode Three (Jenni’s first episode).
    * For our Cast Interview we talk with the lovely and very talented Michele Boyd, who plays Riley (Stupid Hot Tall Girl).
    * Then we have our final words and say goodbye.

    Thanks Kenny and Jenni, what a treat! :)