The Guild

  • Links to The Guild on MSN/Xbox Live/Zune!

    We will be sure to alert you when a new episode goes up (Like Season 2 Episode 1 will go up November 25th, 12:01 AM PSD on Xbox Live and Zune, and for MSN Streaming, all for international as well) but here are the collection of links where you can find the show on Microsoft’s various platforms for the run of the season:

    The Guild on MSN Video

    The Guild on Xbox Live Video Marketplace

    The Guild on Zune Marketplace

    Also, here are links to the Season 2 Trailer and Teaser if you would like to embed them! The code and links are below the videos.

    A few other things: Yes, we know Safari is not supported by the MSN streaming. Such is being caught in the middle of two massive companies :) We would advise you to download Mozilla Firefox (free) and install it to be able to enjoy the streaming videos and apologize for the inconvenience.

    Also some of the international versions are still being worked on, Season 1 will be rolling out a bit late this week, but they’re coming! International release of season 2 should be simultaneous with US release.

    There may be other kinks in some processes along the way, we appreciate your patience! :) Please comment here if you notice anything that we need to address with the videos and your ability to enjoy them!