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    Cake for Greg & crewMost of you caught on yesterday but for those who didn’t, we’d like to be the first to say APRIL FOOLS!

    Although the show isn’t real, a ton of hard work went into orchestrating this elaborate prank. Extra special thanks goes to Greg Aronowitz and his animation team for doing 3 months of work in 3 weeks, Paul and Storm for writing a theme song so catchy that only death will get it out of our heads and Marc Hustvedt and Jenni Powell at Tubefilter for writing hilariously convincing articles that kept some of our fanbase guessing!  The full credits have been added to the “more info” box on YouTube. And there are a few behind the scenes photos on The Guild’s Flickr page.

    The reactions to this ran the whole spectrum, from “this is awful” to “this is amazing” and from “please be an April Fool’s joke” to “I hope this ISN’T a joke.” We appreciate all the comments and discussion and encourage you to continue discussing them in the comments of the video on YouTube.

    And for those of you wondering about Season 4, don’t worry, it’s coming.  We’ll have some announcements coming soon. Here’s the video from yesterday in case you missed it (bonus! we uploaded a deleted scene of Vork’s monkey for those of you that want more Lil’ Guildies):

    -The Guild Management

  • Dani

    Someone should make a BEST APRIL FOOL’S JOKE award. And give it to you guys.

    It was awesome. The song will be in my head for a while!
    And as always, AMAZING job from Greg!

  • Tom

    My first thought was “April Fools”, but then I couldn’t help but want to see this. Li’l Guildies would be an AWESOME spinoff!!

  • Doug Luberts

    After seeing this, a Season 4 Vork monologue about the xylophone-playing monkey that was his childhood pet just has to happen … It might surpass the genius that was his S1 cheese monologue.

    As usual, brilliantly played, guys!

  • Chandler

    Ok so my hopes are crushed for an animated Guild. But I think you should totaly design an ” I just pooped my chainmail “T-Shirt? /Baby Vork FTW

    • Tylor

      I totally agree.

      I would TOTALLY buy an “I just pooped my chainmail!” T-shirt!

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  • Julian Pichelski

    Interesting how yesterday I hated this video because I thought that the idea was extremely sketchy and flawed. But now that I know it’s an April fools joke, I actually like the video!

  • Richard

    Just seen the Lil’ Guildees video. Pity it’ll never be anything more than a teasing teaser: there aren’t enough fetuses having starring roles in cartoons these days.

  • Mr. Naxqavot

    Two things (other than that it was put out on April 1st) pointed to this being fake:

    1. The amount and style of motion-tweening used (when you get flash to automatically do inbetweens for certain simple movements). Using this a lot gives the video a ‘generic flash movie’ look.
    2. That it was styled after Muppet Babies, and would probably get sued by the people behind that if it were a real show, depending on how anal they are.

    The theme song took effort though. I won’t rag on that.

    • Michael Price

      I know Im a year late in replying to this, but Muppet Babies hardly owns the patent on the various “kids, babies, different context” cartoon trope. There’s also The Flintstone Kids, A Puppy Named Scooby Doo — I’d almost include “Fonz and the Happy Days Gang” into this too.

  • designerhandbags

    Interesting how yesterday I hated this video because I thought that the idea was extremely sketchy and flawed. But now that I know it’s an April fools joke, I actually like the video!

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  • Stirling

    YOU GOT ME !

    I admit that I was fooled, but only because the animation was so well made.

    But when I saw it, I honestly thought you people had lost your minds.


    When I understood it was a joke, I was very relieved, then I laughed really hard.


  • Chocobo*hugger

    I wish this was real, it’d be SO COOL!!

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