The Guild

  • New Links about The Guild!

    We’ve gotten a lot of cool press about our show lately, so we have some links we’d like to share with you, and some sites we want to give some love to for their support!

    • The Los Angeles Times’ New Media Blog declares “The Guild” winner of overall “Best Tuby” from the YouTube 2007 video awards! Thanks LA Times! :)
    • New Tee Vee has a SXSW interview posted with Felicia and Sandeep about the show here.
    • Daisy Whitney’s “New Media Minute” has an interview with tips from online content producers, including Felicia’s tips on how to get your show seen.
    • Shout out to Massively, the news site about MMO games that we at “The Guild” love, who posts about Episode 8 and our wins. They’ve been a great supporter of the show, along with Veronica Belmont at Mahalo Daily, and the Joss Whedon fans at so check their sites out!
    • Also Alert Nerd has a really great blog entry on the show. Sarah’s comments are really lovely, especially the ones about the character “Codex”. They really pinpoint why Felicia wrote the series in the first place. Girl nerds as lead characters FTW! Thanks Sarah!