The Guild

  • New Year Update

    Greetings Guild fans! Many of you have waited patiently for a new episode, and we are pleased to announce that we will have Episode 6 posted later this week! In addition, number 7 is in the can and being edited.

    We were able to film quickly after the New Year because of generous fan donations. In fact, we came in under budget for the last shoot and are already on our way towards episodes 8 and 9!

    As a big Thank You to our contributors, we have posted episodes 1-5 on iTunes for you to download onto your iPod or other nifty mobile device! Just search “The Guild” or “Watch the Guild”. The download is free. Of course, if you haven’t contributed our Paypal button is always open, :) and if you download, a brief review on iTunes would be most appreciated as well.

    At any rate, please enjoy The Guild wherever you go, and be sure to spread the word about us on iTunes!