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  • Press Interview Links

    Thanks to all of you who have responded so favorably to the Season 2 launch. We’ve been working VERY hard on the episodes to make them bigger and badder, and finally getting them out to you is such a treat!

    Felicia (Codex) did a few interviews last week with the launch of the new Season, so if you’d like to check them out, here are some links!

    A recording of a live podcast with Felicia from last Thursday night, The Game Show on, is now posted! You can watch it streaming or download it off iTunes

    The Game Show – Wrath of the Day

    Watch This Episode on

    Whedonage has a 3 part video webcam interview with Felicia posted, where she talks about the new distribution for the show, Guild sneaks and some Dr. Horrible stuff.

    WOW Insider did a podcast interview with Felicia on Wednesday. And then Kwanzoo did a type interview with her.

    Video, podcast, type, one of each kind!

    Please look out for the next episode of Season 2 coming to various portals near you early Tuesday morning! :)