The Guild

  • Push to 1,000,000!

    We are so excited that The Guild Episode 1: Wake-Up Call is now at 985,000 views, but since we’re soooo close want to reach the million mark! We can do it easily with the help of fans like you! So go, watch it uno mas, even on mute if you have to, and help us reach the fantastic milestone of 1,000,000 served!

    Remember that refreshing the page and re-viewing doesn’t count, so if you want to watch it more than once, navigate away and back again to the page. Thank you for all the support! We are editing episode 5 as we speak, and gathering funding to do 3 more episodes at once! Every donation makes a difference for us, thank you each and every one of you Paypal friends.

    Also, in addition to out Facebook Group, we are now part of the new Facebook Fan Page Here! We’re not sure if this is supposed to replace groups or not, but we did it anyway, because we’re cutting edge baby!