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  • Season 3 DVD now in stores

    Season 3 DVD in stores now

    Season 3 DVD in stores now

    The DVD of season 3 of The Guild arrives in retail stores today throughout the US and Canada.  The artwork and content is identical to the previous DVD released in February, except that the retail release is on a single disc.  Look for the DVD in FYE, Suncoast, Borders, Barnes and Noble and other fine retailers.  If your favorite retail store isn’t stocking it, ask them to!  If you pick up the DVD in a store, share your picture with us on Flickr, Twitter and/or Facebook.

    Bonus features on the DVD include the “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” Music Video, The Making of “Do You Want to Date My Avatar,”  the Halloween episode, Guild Applicant Rejects, How to Build Vork’s Sword, Audio Commentary with the Cast, Audio Commentary with the Creator, Director and Producer, Axis of Anarchy Interviews, Gag Reels, PDF of Script, Play All Feature and English Subtitles.  The DVD is NTSC format, region 1 and is distributed by New Video.

    NOTE: For you International fans, we are still working on getting DVD releases out for non-North America regions.  We’ll keep you posted. is currently carrying Seasons 1-3 (region-free NTSC, imported).

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    -The Guild Management