The Guild

  • Season 3 Episode 3 “Player Down” is now…up! :)

    We’re happy to announce that Guild Episode 3 “Player Down” is now live on our Microsoft platforms!

    Streaming on MSN
    Downloadable in HD on Xbox
    Downloadable on Zune

    There is a slight delay on the Xbox/Zune platforms due to software updates (especially on the Canadian upload) so you might have to check back in certain regions.

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  • Juan

    Great series. I have been keeping up with you guys since the beginning. Now I am here in Japan and it is nice to see that you guys are still running strong. By any chance will you guys be coming to Tokyo Game Show? Or Japan at all? ^_^ Take care and I wish you all well

    • praxtiprat

      omg!!! i just saw riley [ok so she was right the other name just rolls off the tongue-stupid tall hot girl.. only she's so super not stupid] on machines of malace-it was all about means of torturing witches n heretics… uber awesome…

  • Elizabeth Henderson

    ROFL ROFL omg I am rolling all over the place. i love these clips. I can relate to each and every one of the characters and everytime I am in game playing I remember a bit from one episode or another and I start laughing all over again. Thank you!

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  • Dave vdh

    I’ve downloaded S3E2 onto my xbox 360 but S3E3 isn’t yet available. Any idea when that will happen?


      I’m waiting for episode 3 to make it’s way onto the 360 as well. I’m exciting to see if Tink joined the rival group or not.

  • Ashantara

    This is fantastic! Things are heating up.

    Can’t stand Clara ever since she was repeatedly killing Vork’s character off out of pure vengeance or kissed Codex’s love interest in front of her. Let’s see if this little fiasco with her marriage is going to make her a little less selfish.

    Can’t wait to see what’s going on with Tink either!

    Great season so far. =D

  • jaclyn smith

    it is 3:45pm est on wednesday sep 16th and s3 e3 isnt available on xbox! Its the only way my nieces and i can watch it and i want to know when it will be up and ready. PLEASE?

  • Mark

    Apparantly hot girl has worse issues than anybody! Run Zaboo run!

  • Sirgin

    Great episode! I’m glad to see the guildies back in front of their computers…or atleast some of them. ;)

  • Jon Biddell

    Hey people – how about getting this into iTunes ? Would make it MUCH easier to keep up with the episodes…


  • Nokomys

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!! You guys should totally put these episodes on ITunes! ITunes’d

  • David

    Come back Tink! I hope it’s all a ploy, the guild must reunify!

    As always, great episode guys! :D

  • Vincent

    Felicia Day, if I wasnt gay I would marry you! I havent been a fan for very long, but I did have the pleasure of watching the first 2 season in a single sitting. BEST TWO HOURS EVER. Love the show, love you, your my new best friend, call me every ten mins.

  • OJDrinker

    What’s up with all the drama, it’s like there’s a whole bunch of drama and less story, wtf.

    • ed

      totally agreed.

    • Redplague

      That’s exactly what I was thinking after this episode. I hope the next episode starts bringing things back together. I felt like it went from a comedy to a soap opera.

  • Alexander Zhao

    Somehow all 3 platforms that The Guild was available on weren’t working for me for HOURS… Thank god its fixed now.

    Glad as I am to see the characters mature this season, I don’t want the series head the same direction as The Office. The Office started off with simple light-hearted minor office issues and yet managed to let their characters mature from the petty situations. Now however, they’re bringing in stuff like marital affairs etc. — I love the direction for the Guild this season, but I hope it doesn’t require too much “drama” like the poster above mentioned, to pack a punch.

    Good work though, and continued success!

  • Angynoob

    Hi there, I just discovered this serie few days ago and already love it ;)

    I just saw S3 episode 4, GG “jour de chance” you made my day!


  • Aphelion

    This series is fantastic! Wonderful characters! I am so addicted to gaming – and now to the guild! Can’t wait for the next episode! WTG!

  • Azated

    I feel sorry for zaboo. Having to choose between that super hot chick that always wants to do the nasty and the computer.

    I’d go for the chick. Dude, LOOK AT HER TI.. i mean, HER.

  • michael taylor

    how many episodes are in season 3?