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  • Press Release: Season Five of Felicia Day’s The Guild Debuts July 26

    For Immediate Release: July 15, 2011

    Season Five of Felicia Day’s The Guild Debuts July 26
    Hit web series will appear at Comic-Con with a panel on Saturday July 23 at 4pm


    Los Angeles, CA (July 15, 2011) – Season five of The Guild will return to Xbox LIVE on the Zune video Marketplace and MSN Video on Tuesday, July 26, sponsored by Microsoft and Sprint. Picking up where season four left off, season five takes the Guild members out from behind their computers and throws them into the real world like the show has never seen before, with new locations, guest stars, celebrity cameos and more!

    The Guild stars writer/creator Felicia Day (Eureka, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog) as Codex, a lovable geek gamer addicted to an online role-playing game. Season five follows the characters of The Guild as they travel to a gaming convention called MEGAGAME-O-RAMACON. “Conventions like San Diego Comic-Con and Penny Arcade Expo have been a part of our experience promoting The Guild and connecting with fans,” says Felicia Day. “I wanted to bring that unique experience of a going to a con to the screen.” In addition to regular cast members Vincent Caso, Jeff Lewis, Amy Okuda, Sandeep Parikh and Robin Thorsen, season five will feature recognizable guest stars from the science fiction and genre community as well as over 200 extras.

    The Guild will appear for the fourth consecutive year at San Diego Comic-Con with daily signings at booth 4201 and a panel at 4pm Saturday, July 23 in the Hilton Bayfront Indigo Ballroom, Comicon’s second-largest venue. The panel will include a preview of season five and Q&A with the cast.

    About The Guild

    The Guild is an award-winning independent comedy web series about a group of online gamers created by and starring Felicia Day, now with over 100 million views. The show is available for free on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE, MSN, and The Guild website. Launched in 2007 and funded initially by the show’s fans, The Guild has since been sponsored by Microsoft and Sprint. Previous seasons of the show are also available on YouTube, DVD, iTunes, Netflix and Hulu.

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    Download this press release as a PDF or Microsoft Word Document.

    Press Photos available via The Guild’s page on Flickr. Season 5 trailer (link) embedded below.

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  • guido

    I’m trying to find the guild on msn but I can’t find it. Bing keeps giving me stuff from youtube ironically… Could you post a link to the msn video?

  • guido

    And where can I donate/pay? I would prefer directly rather than pay indirectly in the form of subconsciously becoming convinced that buying certain products will make me happier.

  • Stacielawrinson

    Can’t Wait! I also dont care it went to xbox / Zune first, You have to make money to keep making the series!

  • Anton Rupert

    Any idea what time the episode will be released on MSN today?

  • guest

    yea really guys quit complaining if microsoft payed for a service they should get it if you really have a prob with it go get an xbox

  • Kraygar

    I don’t mind that it premiered somewhere else first. I’ve waited a week for episodes of other shows to go to the web when I haven’t had cable so I’m patient for free content* (seriously people). BUT, I really wish the premiere date for when it will come to was actually listed somewhere. I know that other people have commented it will be later today (it’s 6:00 PST where I am) but it would have been nice for a banner or something.

    *I know it’s free on MSN and whatnot, but I mean, free w/out signing up for anything.

    PS Yay the Guild is back! : ) hee!

  • MAdd

    i agree, its insulting. anything for a buck

  • Firimar

    I am also looking forward to this season, but looking at some of the comments, it look’s like we reached a jump the shark moment, “Felicia Day’s The Guild”. They have lost the same level of edge and buzz they used to have and now they add pretentiousness.

    Yes,I have all the other seasons on DVD, I just hope this season overcomes this faux pas

    • Firimar

      I was thinking, maybe it should be retitled M Night (or Knight) n Day’s The Guild

  • Barackus

    Stop complaining you little bitches, True gaming is done on consoles anyways, if your bitching because you don’t have a console, then eat a dick and wait for the video, or go buy one if this 6 minute video makes you that mad.

  • James Lacic

    Felicia forgot who brought her to the dance.

  • Ruben Dias

    28-07-2011 20:36pm WHERE IS THE GUIIIIIIIIIILD

  • Daniel

    I don’t want to be imposing or accusatory, because I understand that this took a lot of time, but i’m just curious when season 5 e1 will up for all to see? Thanks.

  • Tev

    For anyone who has been frustrated that the they couldn’t see the show on the first day because it went out on xbox remember that zune is free to download, free to watch the new guild episode. MSN for some reason didn’t show the episode (and maybe still hasn’t?) but it was ready on Zune, so I got zune on my computer, and watched the episode first day. For free. PC’ers get zune, enjoy the show, let them work out the kinks and game on.

  • Fahunter2

    Was real excited until I realized I still can’t watch it fro iTunes or netflix. What’s up? I’ve always supported you by buying every season on iTunes.

  • Elliott12121

    cut out your moaning dont get mad if it comes out on console. but there are many games on console that have the gamers life such as psu if u dont know it google it

  • Youarestupid

    This series of posts is the largest waste of time. Just a bunch of assholes bitching.

  • Youarestupid

    Did you hall have to wait a whopping day or two to see your show? Get a life.