The Guild

  • Seeking Interns for 2012

    We’re looking for a few good interns to help out at Knights of Good Productions, the production company for The Guild, Dragon Age: Redemption, and other forthcoming web projects).

    Interns help with various duties, some are ordinary and menial, like running errands, filing paperwork, getting coffee. Some are awesome, like helping us film The Guild and other upcoming top secret projects, managing the VIP list for Comic-Con. There’s no pay, but cool perks and some great experience working for a company that is on the cutting edge of new media entertainment, social media and audience development. Wherever possible, we try to put interns on projects and tasks that will enhance your focus of study and/or career opportunities.

    Interns work out of our offices in Burbank and the Valley, and other locations as needed.

    A FEW ABSOLUTE *MUSTS* (we cannot take interns who do not meet these criteria):

    - MUST be a currently enrolled college undergrad
    - MUST be able to do the internship for college credit
    - MUST reside in the LA metro area during the internship
    - MUST have own transportation to Mid-Wilshire, the Valley and other LA-area locations

    If you meet these criteria and want to apply, there are two simple steps. First, fill out this form that we’ve created with some basic information about you. Second, after you fill out the form you’ll receive instructions on where to email us your resume.