The Guild

  • We need your vote (Please :) )

    We try to be VERY sparing with appeals to vote for us in various online awards/contests. Most of them are pure link baiting and we don’t like to waste our fans’ time. Last year we entered the YouTube and Yahoo awards (which we won’t be doing this year). So, we’re putting our eggs in one basket for the new awards show on the block that we would really love to participate in: The Streamy Awards.

    The biggest major New Media Blogs, NewTeeVee,, Tubefilter are co-hosting this new awards show, with the aim to make the first really “classy” award for New Media productions. This is the first year for it and we’d love to have The Guild be nominated, which depends on audience votes to get to the top 5. After that, industry professionals choose the winners.

    The deadline for nominations is midnight Jan 23rd (Friday). If you could spare a moment, we’d love for you to go to consider us in the following categories:

    Best Comedy Web Series: The Guild
    Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series: Sean Becker
    Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series: Felicia Day

    Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series: Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis or Vincent Caso (Zaboo, Vork or Bladezz)
    Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series: Felicia Day, Robin Thorsen or Amy Okuda (Codex, Clara or Tink)
    Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series: The Guild
    Best Guest Star in a Web Series: Fernando Chien (Wade Wei, the Stunt Guy)

    Best Editing: Sean Becker
    Best Cinematography: John Schmidt
    Best Art Direction: Leah Mann
    Best Visual Effects: Doug Luberts
    Best Animation: Matthew Brackney (for the Season 2 credits)
    Best Original Music: Don Schiff (Theme) Eanan Patterson (Season 2 Scoring)

    We know it’s a lot, but every single person contributed their amazing talent to this season, so if you have the time, please vote for us! :) We appreciate it so much.

    The Guild Management