The Guild

  • Temporarily Taking Down Donor Button!

    Well, we’re in an interesting position here at the Guild: We’ve made our whole budget for the season! Because of all the new contributors finding us through our recent awards, we have gotten enough money to pay our actors a bit, the first time they’ve ever made any money on The Guild, so thank you so much!

    With an embarrassment of riches like this, we are facing a very long credits for Episodes 9 and 10, and, since we don’t know if we’ll have a production partner for season 2 or not, we don’t want to take people’s money until we know we need it. So for now, we’re taking off the Paypal button.

    If, in a month or so, we end up having our donors sponsor Season 2, we will put back the button. Also, we’re putting together a DVD of season 1 with lots of yummy extras, that will definitely be able to jump start us on the Season 2 budget if we so need.

    Please make sure to put your email in the mailing list to the right in the sidebar, so we can contact you about our Season 2 plans, and how you can help the show in the near future!

    Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to making you laugh many more episodes in the future, most immediately with Episodes 9 and 10!