The Guild

  • Thank You To the Extras!

    We shot Guild Episode #10 yesterday, wrapping up the first story arc in our show! Yay! We wanted to thank the following fans for coming out and helping us by being extras!

    • Brandon Richard (Maggiemcice)
    • Seth Watkins (Bearmauler)
    • Crista Elise Bergmann (Tinklet)
    • Jim Van Cooney
    • Morgarten (Horizons Shadow)
    • Cate
    • Roger Barr (of I-Mockery)
    • Corey Dennis (Koyote)
    • Wayne Brandenburg (Who got upgraded to being our Sound Guy on set, CRAZY!)

    Thank you each and all for being in the background of episode 10! And a hearty thanks to the donors who made this episode possible!